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Provide Cars gives the best access to up to 50,000 new and used cars, trucks, and buses from Japanese used car auctions every day. Use our online car auction system to get used cars at wholesale prices and let Provide Cars' friendly, professional staff handle the exports from Japan to you.

Provide Cars Makes Japanese Car Importing Safe

If you’re new to the world of importing cars from Japan and are unsure where to start or how to get the best deal, then you need to talk with the Japanese car-importing experts at Provide Cars.

Putting is straight.  Buying from a dealers "STOCK" in NOT the cheapest way of purchasing from Japan.  You SAVE by buying directly from the auctions.

However, navigating the maze of 115 plus Japanese car auction houses and the 50,000 cars, trucks and buses on offer daily can be a difficult if you’re new to buying used Japanese cars from Japan.  But with Provide Cars, we make the process simple, safe and easy.  With our online information and auction bidding system we can give you as much or as little help as you need to import cars direct from Japan.

6 Ways Provide Cars Make Japan Car Imports Simple

  1. Real Time Information – With Provide Cars online car auctioning system, you can see the cars, buses and trucks that come up for auction in real time from your computer.
  2. We Speak Your Language – We give you translations of the auction inspector’s comments so you know the condition of the cars before you start bidding.  Our team is fluent in Russian, Japanese, Tagalog and English and can help you through the Japanese car auction and export process.
  3. Save Time and Money – Gone are the days of physically visiting auction houses.  We cover over 90 car auction locations throughout Japan, meaning you can find information and bid from anywhere in world with ease.
  4. Japan Car Imports Made Easy – All the export arrangements can be handled for you by our experienced team.  We understand the requirements of numerous countries for Japanese car imports to ensure your vehicles get to you as quickly as possible.
  5. Shipping with Speed – Since starting Provide Cars in 1997, we have established close ties with a large number of shipping companies.  This ensures that your vehicles are shipped to you as fast as possible and at the best shipping rates.
  6. 1000’s of Japanese Used Cars and Trucks on Offer – Because we have access to over 115 car auctions through our online auction system, we can give you access to up to 50,000 cars, trucks and buses every day.

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115 Auctions.  The largest online selection of Japanese used cars sold in Japan.  The most comprehensive listings of cars available in Japan each week.   Why shop from somewhere less comprehensive?  

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Search for the car in our system yourself. Or you can set up an automated email system.  Get mails each day when the cars you are looking for appear in the auctions.  Or finally you can request one of our staff to search for a car for you.  Find out more.


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For over 15 years we have been helping New Zealanders import top quality vehicles. Having been in this industry we have found the best way to do this and yes we have now got great contacts that will save you time and worry so you can relax knowing that you are dealing with experts that you can trust.
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